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Meet Ed & Rosemary Blouin

A friendly, neighborhood Italian-American restaurant and bar – no reservations, no fancy prices, no worries. That’s the kind of relaxed atmosphere that owner/chef Ed Blouin and his wife Rosemary create at Ron Jillian’s.

Italian-American Memories

Growing up in the Seacoast, NH, area, Ed often went to dinner with his family at local Italian restaurants. Here the flavors were simple, fresh and tasty. Here the dishes were made from scratch. Here everyone knew your name.

Memories like this led Ed into the business, training in some of the industry’s most famous establishments. Along the way, he met and married Rosemary, another New England native.

But those childhood roots kept tugging away. So when it came time for Ed and Rosemary to open their own restaurant, they knew it could only be one kind of place.

Coming Home to New Hampshire

Located in the heart of Hampton’s North End, Ron Jillian’s Italian Bar and Grill is a home away from home. Rosemary finds you the best table. Waitstaff ask if you’d like your usual round. An aroma of fresh-baked garlic bread wafts from the kitchen.

It’s dining the way Ed remembers it. Portions are large and dishes are rich, satisfying and homemade. Ingredients are locally sourced and everyone, down to the hungriest boy, is treated like family. Drop in anytime – we’ll always be pleased to feed you!